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After finalizing his MA in fashion design in Florence at Polimoda, where he also shares his experience as a design teacher, Nicola Indelicato got trained at Vivienne Westwood and gained significant experience at the Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli.

In 2014, Nicola Indelicato opened his own label carrying his name in contemporary menswear with a nod to a genderless style. Expressing his mediterranean fusion personality and creating fooling around adolescence collections as only he can.

Born and raised in Florence, with the addition of Sicilian , Greek and Turkish roots gives Nicola Indelicato the talent of the play to references with a bold vision on streetwear general.

Combining cultural, app-lying fast sex - and testosterous elements in combination with the confrontation of historical living forms of the Italian Renaissance give him roots in Italian tailorism of oversized silhouettes and innovative cuts with the sensitity of molding fabrics.